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Getting started with our Sketch plugin

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  • Design more awesome stuff instead of spending your time on back and forth communication with developers

Release History

Version 1.3.10

October 14, 2019

- Added support for Sketch 59
- Added support for text transformations in text layers
- Added support for document and library colors: you'll see your custom color names in Sympli instead of the autogenerated ones (requires Sketch 53)
- Improved our error messages by replacing the unnecessary technical details with human-readable information

Version 1.3.9

August 16, 2019

- Fixed a bug that prevented some users from uploading designs to Sympli on macOS 10.15 Catalina

Version 1.3.8

July 22, 2019

- Improved the plugin menu by making the most popular options more apparent. Check out the top right corner of the plugin window and let us know what you think!
- Fixed a bug that could prevent Sympli from being activated on the upcoming version of macOS
- Fixed a rare crash related to missing overrides on certain library symbols

Version 1.3.7

April 4, 2019

- Fixed a bug where certain Unicode characters were not supported in asset names for iOS projects
- Fixed a couple of minor UI issues with tags

Version 1.3.6

March 5, 2019

- Improved our infrastructure to mitigate bugs that could prevent you from uploading artboards to Sympli in certain rare cases
- Fixed a bug where tags from one project would be unexpectedly transferred to another project

Version 1.3.5

February 11, 2019

- Improved compatibility with Sketch 53

Version 1.3.4

January 11, 2019

- Sympli now displays names of shared layer styles (including library styles as well)
- Now you don't have to save your document to be able to upload your changes to Sympli (should be handy if you have the Auto Save feature turned on in Sketch)
- Improved the way Sympli exports assets from rotated and flipped symbols
- Improved the way Sympli handles assets from masked layers
- Now you'll see a warning when you invoke Sympli for the first time in Sketch 46 and older.
- Improved compatibility with other plugins
- Fixed a UI glitch where a tag button would sometimes remain visible for deleted artboards
- Fixed a bug where multiple plugin windows would appear simultaneously in certain rare scenarios
- Fixed a bug where the artboard selection would change unexpectedly
- Fixed a couple of minor UI issues throughout the plugin window
- Fixed a bug where an opacity value for plain color fills would be displayed incorrectly in Sympli
- Fixed a bug where the source library name for certain library symbols would not appear in Sympli
- Fixed a bug where certain nested symbol overrides would be represented incorrectly in Sympli when uploaded from older versions of
- Fixed an issue with assets from nested symbols that would be rendered incorrectly in rare cases
- Fixed a crash that could occur when exporting artboards that contain slices nested in shape groups

Version 1.3.3

November 7, 2018

- Fixed a bug where exporting symbols from Symbols page would lead to incorrect design preview on web
- Fixed a bug where "Export Retina Preview" option would not be respected in some scenarios
- Fixed a bug where assets created from multiple symbol instances would look identical even though those symbol instances look different in Sketch
- Fixed a bug where assets created from symbol instances with a shadow would lack any shadow at all

Version 1.3.2

October 19, 2018

- Added blur support: now you can inspect your blur properties on Sympli
- Improved support for symbols that contain layers with negative relative offsets
- Fixed a bug where corner radius for rectangles would be captured incorrectly when uploading designs from Sketch 52

Version 1.3.1

October 3, 2018

- Fixed a bug where text styles would not be exported correctly from Sketch 52

Version 1.3.0

October 2, 2018

- Added Dark Mode for macOS 10.14 Mojave 🌖🌗🌘
- Improved compatibility with Sketch 52
- Fixed a bug where certain text styles from libraries would not be exported correctly
- Fixed a couple of issues with masked layers
- Fixed a bug where the plugin menu would not be available on macOS 10.12 because
it would be obscured by the title bar of the plugin window

Version 1.2.21

August 22, 2018

- Fixed a bug where certain symbols (and assets from such symbols) were not exported correctly in Sketch 51

Version 1.2.20

August 10, 2018

- Added support for shared text styles from libraries (requires Sketch 51 and above)
- Fixed a couple of rare crashes in Sketch 50 and 51
- Fixed a bug where project tags where not sorted alphabetically in the tags popover
- Fixed a couple of typos and UI quirks throughout the plugin
- Fixed a bug where certain colors in designs with custom color profiles may look wrong in Sympli

Version 1.2.19

July 18, 2018

- Now you can fine-tune or completely disable asset optimization. The settings are available in the plugin menu under “PNG Assets Optimization”

Version 1.2.18

July 13, 2018

- Fixed a bug where assets from symbols could be duplicated
- Fixed a bug where a library name wouldn't be available for certain symbols
- Fixed a bug where it wasn't possible to enter a space character in the password field
- Fixed a bug where certain colors were not captured correctly

Version 1.2.17

June 29, 2018

- Added PNG assets optimization (up to 2x smaller images)
- Fixed a bug when corner radius property was missing for rounded rectangles
- Fixed previews for certain assets in web app

Version 1.2.16

June 25, 2018

- Added support of extended info for symbols and external libraries used in your designs

Version 1.2.15

June 15, 2018

- Simplified SVG code for shapes
- Fixed assets from symbols that are trimmed on export
- Fixed assets from symbols with background color

Version 1.2.14

May 23, 2018

- Fixed incorrect previews for certain designs

Version 1.2.13

May 23, 2018

- Fixed a bug when certain symbols were misaligned after exporting to Sympli
- Fixed a couple of issues with generated SVG assets when used in Android Studio
- Fixed a bug when some invisible layers were rendered as visible in Sympli

Version 1.2.12

May 10, 2018

- Improved symbols processing for assets and redlining

Version 1.2.11

May 1, 2018

- Fixed a bug where certain designs were uploaded with error

Version 1.2.10

April 27, 2018

- Added an option to skip or to generate assets from hidden layers (see option "Export invisible assets" in the plugin menu)
- Fixed various assets issues

Version 1.2.9

April 18, 2018

- Fixed a bug that may prevent certain designs from uploading correctly

Version 1.2.8

April 18, 2018

- Fixed a bug when text styles were not available in Sympli plugins and web app
- Fixed an issue with certain assets that were rendered blurry
- Fixed an issue generating vector assets containing bitmaps

Version 1.2.7

March 28, 2018

- Bug fixes and stability improvements

Version 1.2.6

March 26, 2018

- Improved stability for Sketch 46-48
- Fixed false appearances of "Some of your symbols are broken" dialog

Version 1.2.5

March 23, 2018

- Added prototyping support in Sympli
- Greatly improved the overall uploading performance to Sympli
- Fixed a bunch of compatibility issues with Sketch 49

Version 1.2.4

March 7, 2018

- Drastically improved processing times for complex designs (especially in Sketch 49)
- Fixed a couple of minor issues with naming of the asset files

Version 1.2.3

February 15, 2018

- Now Sympli tries not to generate multiple assets file for multiple instances of the same exportable symbol to save your disk space and avoid duplicates
- Fixed frames for certain text layers with fixed width
- Fixed filenames for assets generated from symbols
- Fixed a bug when asset files for some resolutions in Android project may be missing
- Fixed a layout bug when an asset frame didn't match its source layer frame

Version 1.2.2

January 17, 2018

- Now if your SSO login window is expired you'll be prompted with an error suggesting to log in again.
- Fixed certain cases where assets generated from some symbols were missing after subsequent re-uploads of the same design.

Version 1.2.1

December 28, 2017

- Fixed an annoying crash that may happen if your design contains a symbol hierarchy with multiple​ nested overrides

Version 1.2.0

December 25, 2017

- Improved a lot of things and tuned every single aspect of symbols processing (including library symbols) to make the whole export process more robust and accurate.
- You'll notice more accurate frames for layers with overridden contents (including text layers with flexible size)
Exportable assets now look exactly how you see them in your document (including assets made from nested symbol layers)
- All sublayers of all library symbols are now visible and can be explored without a problem
- Sometimes certain assets (esp. those generated from symbol masters) where not rendered correctly — this issue is gone now
- Fixed a bug that made all text layers have the same alpha value (100%)

Version 1.1.2

December 4, 2017

- Added support for Sketch 48 Beta
- Improved SVG generation routine for Android project which may help in certain cases when generated assets where rendered corrupted in Android Studio. You can try turning the "Don’t optimize for VectorDrawable" option on and off to see what works best for your designs.
- Multiple fixes for issues with assets generated from symbols with overrides (including overrides in embedded symbols)

Version 1.1.1

November 16, 2017

- Added SVGO optimization for SVG assets
- Added asset generation from library symbols
- Fixed a bug where vector drawables converted from assets / shape layers were cropped when imported in Android Studio in some cases
- Fixed a bug where text overrides in symbols were not propagated correctly in some cases

Version 1.1.0

September 14, 2017

- IMPORTANT: Future plugin update will be done via Sketch Plugins Updater (that purple thing in top right corner of the Sketch window)
- Added warning when user uploads multiple artboards with the same name to the project
- Improved export symbols with embedded symbols and overrides
- Various UI improvements
- The plugin window is minimized when its parent Sketch document window minimized
- Fixed a bug that hides Sketch document window when it loses focus
- Fixed a high CPU usage during export
- Fixed a bug that would prevent certain assets from being exported

Version 1.0.99

August 22, 2017

- Performance and overal stability improvements

Version 1.0.98

June 28, 2017

- Brand new Sketch 45 support
- Performance and overal stability improvements

Version 1.0.97

April 4, 2017

- Added TVDPI resolution support

Version 1.0.96

March 8, 2017

- Fixed text layer color issue

Version 1.0.95

March 7, 2017

- Fixed symbols with text overrides
- Multiple bug fixes for stability issues

Version 1.0.94

February 17, 2017

- Symbol-based assets naming: choose between symbol names and instance names in settings
- Added automatic assets renaming option for Android projects
- New setting: automatic Android assets renaming w/o changing layer names
- Fixes for text overrides sizes in symbols in Sketch 42
- Fix for nested symbols dimensions errors occurring in resized symbol instances in Sketch 42

Version 1.0.93

February 1, 2017

- Fix for crash and occasional symbol duplication in Android projects & Sketch 42

Version 1.0.92

January 27, 2017

- Minor changes to plugin workflow
- Fixed SVG issues for Android projects
- Fixed tags editing issue in Sketch 42
- Fixed PDF and SVG assets dimensions issues for IOS and Android projects

Version 1.0.91

December 20, 2016

- Fixed export issues with nested symbol's overrides
- Fixed various asset size issues

Version 1.0.90

December 8, 2016

- Fixed export issue with symbol's overrides
- Fixed size issue for layers with effects

Version 1.0.89

November 30, 2016

- Improved export for higher fidelity version comparison in a change browser tool
- Fixed symbol-based assets export

Version 1.0.88

November 17, 2016

- Fix for nested symbols override export logic

Version 1.0.87

November 15, 2016

- Improved export of assets made of symbols with overrides
- Extended font information export for better CSS generation for web projects
- Fixed: Symbols marked "exportable" in Symbols page will be turned into assets

Version 1.0.86

November 11, 2016

- Added support of Sketch 41!
- Higher fidelity layer specs
- Fix for SVG fill/stroke export for Android vector assets

Version 1.0.84

November 3, 2016

- Added automatic assets renaming for Android projects
- Improved shape data export for on-the-fly VectorDrawable and PDF generation in Android Studio and Xcode
- Fix for specs of the symbols with overrides

Version 1.0.81

October 21, 2016

- New feature: Screens tagging from Sketch (check plugin's menu)
- Improved Android vector assets for higher fidelity conversion to VectorDrawable
- Retina mockups previews are now generated by default
- Fix for multiple artboard tags
- Fix for Identical assets names with different letter case caused export issues
- Fix for assets in nested symbols

Version 1.0.39

September 22, 2016

- Fix for broken export on some symbols with resizing rules

Version 1.0.28

August 24, 2016

- Added automatic generation of vector assets for all shape layers
- Upload speed optimizations

Version 1.0.27

August 24, 2016

- Added automatic generation of vector assets for all shape layers
- Upload speed optimizations

Version 1.0.26

August 11, 2016

- Fix for symbol elements sizes adjusted by artboard size

Version 1.0.25

July 21, 2016

- More Sketch 39 support fixes

Version 1.0.24

July 12, 2016

- Added Sketch 39 beta support

Version 1.0.23

June 22, 2016

- Added support for Company accounts
- Added tracking of the document changes while plugin window is open and prompt to save the document before export
- Mutiple bug fixes

Version 1.0.22

June 6, 2016

- 1.5x time faster export!
- Fix for crashes while exporting huge documents
- Fix for not generating SVG assets from bitmap assets
- Fix for crash on export of invisible assets

Version 1.0.21

May 12, 2016

- Full Sketch 3.7 symbols support, including specs for symbols and exportable symbols
- Added Sketch 3.8 beta support
- Fix for disabled colors included in designs palette

Version 0.0.20

April 5, 2016

- Added LDPI resolution support
- Added Sketch 3.7 beta artboard symbols support -- first iteration
- Fix for "Unknown error" while exporting project without artboards

Version 0.0.19

March 29, 2016

- Fix for Sketch crashes during auto-update

Version 0.0.18

March 25, 2016

- Changes in project resolve logic using filename and page

Version 0.0.17

March 21, 2016

- Fix for broken auto-update
- Fix for exporting designs to android, xhdpi projects

Version 0.0.16

March 21, 2016

- Fix for exporting designs to android, xhdpi projects

Version 0.0.15

March 18, 2016

- Now you can update list of selected artboards to export without restarting the plugin!
- Added asset names validation to match Android and iOS requirements
- More precise assets size calculation
- Improved export of the assets that contain symbols
- Annoying logouts issue fixed

Version 0.0.14

March 8, 2016

- Fix for annoying spontaneous logouts

Version 0.0.13

February 18, 2016

- Fixed export hidden layers inside of asset groups

Version 0.0.12

February 3, 2016

- Added New Sketch 3.5.1 version support: minor changes
- Fixed roundup issue

Version 0.0.11

January 26, 2016

- Added New Sketch 3.5 version support: minor changes

Version 0.0.10

January 22, 2016

- Major bugfixes

Version 0.0.9

January 20, 2016

- Support of Sketch beta builds
- Multiple bugfixes and performance improvements

Version 0.0.8

January 4, 2016

- Improved artboards sorting to their layout in Sketch page
- Faster export and lots of bugfixes

Version 0.0.7

December 14, 2015

- Awesome brand new UI
- Up to 5x faster design export
- Multiple bug fixes and improvements

Version 0.0.6

December 1, 2015

- Added Web projects support
- Sorting and filtering of projects by type, name and modification date
- Plugin window is not modal and resizable
- Feedback form is integrated into plugin
- Fixes for multiple stability and performance issues

Known issues:
- OS X 10.9 Lion is not supported
- Handling of multiple Sketch windows is not always perfect

Version 0.0.5

November 19, 2015

- Sorting and filtering of projects by type, name and modification date
- Plugin window is not modal and resizable
- Feedback from is integrated into plugin
- Fixes for multiple stability and performance issues

Known issues:
- OS X 10.9 Lion is not supported
- Handling of multiple Sketch windows is not always perfect

Version 0.0.4

October 26, 2015

- Added Sketch 3.4 support

Version 0.0.3

October 7, 2015

- Bug fixes and performance improvements