Sympli is an enterprise-grade, integrated collaboration and workflow platform for building digital products

Today’s digital product development teams are diverse and distributed and need tools to help them communicate and interact more efficiently to deliver products faster and easier. Sympli supports your team by connecting each team member with the collaboration and automation tools they need to work more efficiently. Learn more about how Sympli benefits each role in your team below.


You’re creating a brand new app. The last thing you want to spend your time on is cutting up design files, sending to developers, or tracking down changes in designs. Sympli gives you:

  • An integrated experience in Photoshop, Adobe XD CC, or Sketch through the Sympli plugin
  • Version control that tracks design versions and visually displays differences between versions
  • Automatic delivery of assets, colors, positions, styles, and specifications to your development team
  • Team collaboration through comments, mentions, and annotations linked to designs and design elements


You’re building the coolest app with the latest technology. You want to be writing code not tracking down the latest versions of designs, assets, styles, etc. Sympli helps by:

  • Delivering the design, assets, and specifications directly to you in your preferred IDE (e.g. Xcode, Android Studio)
  • Enabling drag & drop and one-click adding assets, styles, positions, and more – right from your IDE
  • Visually identifying differences between design versions – so you see what’s changed quickly
  • Providing a robust web-based environment to inspect designs and download assets & specifications

Product Manager

You’re responsible for delivering a cool new digital product. Success requires efficient team collaboration and transparency throughout the process. Sympli’s got you covered, so you can:

  • Increase project transparency through Design Review Mode & centralized team comments & annotations
  • Track progress and changes with version tracking & visual differences
  • Reduce cycle time & costs by upwards of 40%
  • Increase ROI by delivering digital products faster & more cost effectively

QA Professional

You’re responsible for making sure not only the build works correctly, but that the design was faithfully implemented. Wasting time searching for the latest design and “eyeballing” whether the design matches the build being tested isn’t what you want to do. Sympli lets you:

  • See the design and all the changes in one place – so you know what to test
  • Collaborate with your team through centralized comments and annotations on designs
  • See the design overlaid on simulators (e.g. iOS Simulator) to quickly identify issues with the build
  • Link designs and projects to issue tracking systems (e.g. Atlassian Jira)

Integrated with Sketch, Photoshop, and Adobe XD CC

Sympli automatically prepares your specs, creates styleguides, optimizes and exports assets for your project and shares the design with your team.


Sympli is passionately focused on helping your digital product teams work more effectively and efficiently. That’s why we’ve integrated into the tools you currently use to support your team. Learn more about our integrations below.

Jira integration

Sympli is now directly connected to Jira Cloud letting your team associate designs with one or more Jira issues. Once tagged, you can see Sympli designs within Jira, view Jira comments in Sympli and vice versa. Check out our walkthrough of the Jira integration and plugin in our blog post.

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SAML support allows you to enable single sign on for your team and streamlines account creation in Sympli. Our implementation supports most providers and gives you the ability to make the login experience better for your users while improving user management.

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Connect Sympli with other applications directly through webhooks that give you notifications when designs are uploaded, comments are made, and much more. Webhooks give you additional control over how you use Sympli and how Sympli fits into your digital product development workflow.

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Custom Domains

Add a custom domain to your Sympli account to better manage your environment and users. Custom domains are available in conjunction with SAML, allowing you to use your own domain for Sympli access.

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Integrated directly into Xcode and Android Studio

No matter what kind of developer you are — Web, iOS or Android — Sympli covers it all with a web app as well as plugins for Xcode and Android Studio.

Built-in tracking of design versions

Sympli provides access to all the layers, shapes, colors, positions, text and more from your designs. Plus, Sympli has nifty features for measuring distances and exporting straight to CSS or HTML. Bulletproof version control and visual differences give your team seamless and efficient communication and collaboration.

Automated design handoff

Your design contains all the assets, specifications, styles, positions, colors, and more. Sympli seamlessly and automatically delivers the design and all it’s components to your team members where they work enabling quick commenting, implementation, and testing.

Visual design difference comparison with highlighted changes

We’ve all asked “What’s changed in the design?” before. Now, Sympli answers that question for your with visual highlighting of changes between design versions streamlining communication and collaboration amongst your team.

Streamlined design reviews and transparency with centralized design comments and annotations

Get your team on the same page quickly and easily with a centralized design review mode that shows designs and all associated comments and annotations in one place.