What's New With Sympli: Introducing the Fall 2017 Update

September 14, 2017
What's New With Sympli: Introducing the Fall 2017 Update

It’s been an incredibly busy summer for the team here at Sympli, where we’ve been working hard to add new tools and features to boost your digital product development workflow in exponential ways. We're excited to announce a whole bunch of Enterprise-class features that'll help you manage your Sympli team easier, integrate with other tools like Atlassian JIRA, and improve your overall design and development workflow. We even have a special beta feature for you!

Here's the rundown:

1. SAML/SSO Support

SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) support allows Sympli customers to enable SSO (Single Sign On) for their team, which eliminates the need to create user accounts for new team members. Our implementation supports multiple providers and offers you the ability to streamline the onboarding workflow.

2. JIRA Integration

Sympli is now integrated with Atlassian JIRA, allowing you to tag team designs with one or more JIRA issues, see Sympli designs from within JIRA, view JIRA comments in Sympli (+ vice-versa), and more. Read our walkthrough of the Sympli + JIRA integration and learn why we've become an Atlassian Solution Partner.

3. Webhooks

Connect Sympli with other apps using webhooks. Webhooks give you extended control over how you use Sympli, allowing you to transfer information between Sympli and other apps. If you've integrated Sympli with Slack before, to receive notifications in Slack when designs are uploaded to Sympli, then you're already familiar with this concept. Keep a lookout for our webhook tutorial next week!

4. Custom Domains

Add a custom domain to your Sympli account to better manage your users and design environment. Custom domains are available in conjunction with SAML, so you'll always be able to access Sympli safely from your own domain.

5. Design Review Mode

Get your teammates all on the same page quickly with Design Review Mode, which uses aggregated comments to keep everybody in the loop with contextual annotations. Product managers, QA and other team members can stay abreast of design changes, discussions and collaboration, and the team can see centralized feedback across your designs. Learn more about Design Review Mode here.

6. Versions (Private Beta)

Give your team's design workflow an upgrade with improved tools to manage your design files, track all visual changes across your design, handle version conflicts and merges, visually inspect version changes, and capture notes and comments on each version. Our Git-based version control is integrated into Sketch, macOS Finder, Bitbucket and other tools, simplifying your design workflow in ultra-convenient ways. Learn more about Versions and sign up to for the beta here.


Design Review Mode is available on all Sympli plans, however SAML/SSO, JIRA, Webhooks and Custom Domains are available to customers using our updated Enterprise plan. Our new enterprise options will begin on October 1, 2017—you can learn more about it and compare with other plans here.

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