How to use the Sympli Handoff Plugin for Figma

December 1, 2021
How to use the Sympli Handoff Plugin for Figma

Sympli Handoff plugin allows you to separate your ready-to-implement design and hand it over to the rest of the team, separating it from the work-in-progress. This creates a centralized, platform-agnostic source of truth where your development team can access all your designs and tokens and download pre-generated code snippets.

Design updates can be compared to the previous versions with a handy visual difference tool, showing you all the changes, even the smallest ones. Comments, version history and prototype player are all built in to help your dev team understand the app flow. Jira, Azure Boards, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Xcode and Android Studio integrations together with an optional on-premises setup are also available for a seamless workflow.

For a quick plugin demo, watch the video below:

Sympli is a Saas company that creates tools for design collaboration, handoff and version control. With more than five years on the market, we have helped thousands of designers and developers work together by providing a single source of truth and reducing back-and-forth communications, resulting in faster delivery.