8 Best Figma Plugins

June 2, 2022
8 Best Figma Plugins

Figma was the most popular UI design tool in 2021, and the new features announced at Config 2022 will certainly boost its momentum even further. Not only does it offer some incredible features natively, its plugin ecosystem is arguably one of the most extensive.

Let’s take a look at eight of the best Figma plugins.

Content Reel, Chart and Iconify

Content Reel, Chart and Iconify are three excellent Figma plugins used to instantly generate content. Content Reel can insert names, avatars, addresses and other types of placeholder content, whereas Chart can produce many varieties of data visualizations that would otherwise be very time-consuming to design from scratch.

Iconify doesn’t generate placeholder content but rather inserts icons from popular icon sets/frameworks, such as Material Design Icons and Font Awesome. It includes popular emoji sets, such as Twitter Emoji.

Icon Resizer

Icon Resizer batch resizes icons, making them all the same width or height. It also standardizes the size of their bounding boxes to make them work well as nested components.

Icon Resizer works well when paired with Iconify.

Remove BG

Removing an image’s background is something that designers would ordinarily need to switch to Adobe Photoshop (or similar) for; however, Remove BG makes this easy to accomplish directly in Figma.

Remove BG is especially handy when generating placeholder images using Content Reel (or a similar Figma plugin such as Unsplash) where the backgrounds aren’t always transparent.


A type scale is a systematic set of incremental font sizes designed to help convey visual hierarchy through typography. The Typescales plugin takes a chosen multiplier and base font size to generate as many font sizes as needed, perfect for kickstarting design systems.


Stark makes designing for accessibility more efficient, providing tools to check color contrast, test against different types of color vision deficiency and specify focus order, all from within Figma.


Sympli translates designs to code.

Sync Figma designs to Sympli using the Sympli plugin to help developers inspect styles, extract fonts and export assets.

The Sympli plugin also makes it easy to export text styles, color styles and fonts to Sympli design systems, your product team’s single source of truth that can also document grid settings, web units, base font sizes and more to come.

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