Sympli Versions

Full-featured version control tool for designers.

Version Control

Sympli Versions remembers all updates to the main design file and its copies. Track and manage changes with ease.


Create a separate branch (copy) from your design project for a feature or an experiment, work on it, and when you’re done — merge your work back to the main project, automatically.


Inspect the highlighted differences between any version of the design side-by-side and choose the exact changes you want to keep.

Control where you store your files

Use Sympli’s Cloud or choose Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket or Azure Devops.


GitHub, GitLab, Azure DevOps or Bitbucket

Use your Git provider to store your designs alongside your code. Connect Versions to your GitHub, GitLab, Azure DevOps, or Bitbucket account, and select it as a storage for your projects.

GitHub Enterprise or self-hosted GitLab, Azure DevOps or Bitbucket user? Shoot us an email at for details.


Track progress on the design tasks with Jira integration.

Asana Coming soon

Track progress on the design tasks with Asana integration.

How it works?

Start directly from Finder

Turn a folder on your computer into Versions Project. Add your files to the project, provide a short description on what the mockups are and why you added them, and then upload.

Share your project

Invite your teammates.

Sync changes

Edit your mockups as usual. When the updated revision of the mockup is ready to be published, click “Sync” in Sketch or use the context menu in the Finder folder to start the syncing process. Review your edits before you share them with the team. Exclude unnecessary changes from the update you are about to publish to address them later and keep only those that matter. Make sure to provide a nice description of your work so your team knows what this update is about. Then, sync.

Review history

Browse change history and design mockups from both the Versions desktop and web applications.


Merge, not overwrite Sophisticated semantic engine makes it possible to merge versions of a Sketch mockup without risk of overwriting someone's else changes. Remember cherrypicking changes from your very own copy of the Sketch mockup to one that is shared with the team? Sympli Versions does it for you automatically.
Difference tool Difference tool comes handy when you need to validate the update you are about to publish, review your teammate's work or when you browse the history of your project.
Finder integration Access Sketch files stored in Versions projects as you would normally do it by opening project's folder in macOS Finder. Quick access to the most common actions like opening the sync dialog are available via the context menu.
Branches Branches are basically working copies of the project. After the work-in-progress is finalized, it can be merged back into the master copy automatically.

Enterprise Ready.
Scales as you grow.

Single Sign-On, Custom domains,
Private cloud and On-Premise deployment options.

Significant Improvement

Sympli has significantly improved our coordination around designs, enabling designers, product managers, and engineers to work together much more seamlessly. It allows our engineers to build confidently to specifications, and allows our design team to easily share out their vision. It's a vital part of our product development workflow!“

Blue Apron
Tom Wilson, Principal Engineer
It's user-friendly

“It's nice experience using Sympli. Interface is cool and user-friendly. Tool comes with lot of great features which helps the developer.“

Sourabh Gupta
Part of design process

“We needed a solution that allowed us to hand off pixel perfect designs, provide source control for our teams shared work and integrate seamlessly with JIRA. Sympli was that solution, and has become an integral part of our design team’s process.“

Garrett Price, VP UX Design

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